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Spotlight: Peach Orator

31 JAN
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Inspired by Jamie’s blog in December about our lovely clients Alno, we've decided to publish this monthly 'Spotlight' section, where we can big up some of our favourite clients, partners and colleagues.


Peach Orator

“I wish every job was exactly like this!” declared Simon upon pushing Peach Orator’s new website live in November.  

We decided we had to write a Spotlight feature about these new clients because, quite simply, they have been an absolute dream to work with. We are pretty proud of the site too, which we completely redesigned and produced brand new copy for, so let’s not pass up the opportunity to show it off (it’s really rather lovely, go on, have a gander).

Peach Orator are expert training providers, who have offered first class work-based education and qualification training for almost 15 years. Working for a varied array of customers, including large international businesses, charities, small companies, public sector organisations and individuals, Peach Orator pride themselves on building truly bespoke programmes that exactly meet their clients’ needs.

Peach Orator

We really enjoyed working with company Directors Sarah and Stephen on their new site. We visited their office in Barnsley to discuss their ideas, aims and company ethos over a cup of tea.

They seemed to embrace this process, giving us some really valuable insight into who Peach Orator is, helping us to create design and copy that reflected the company’s personality.

Sarah and Stephen’s clear ideas, straightforward feedback and receptiveness to our ideas meant that building their website was plain sailing, with very few revisions and a timely turnaround.

Perhaps one of the reasons we like working with Peach Orator so much is because, in many ways, their approach is very similar to ours. They are focused on providing services that offer long-term benefits rather than quick, short-term gains.

Peach Orator’s training programmes don’t just aim to get you qualified, but to provide learners with an opportunity to really develop their skills, grow their knowledge and improve their career prospects - as well as clearly benefitting the organisations they work for. Like brightfive, Peach Orator put care and attention into fostering long-term relationships with clients, with a retention rate of over 95% and a loyal base of customers who have been using their services for over a decade. The company’s tone of voice reflects Sarah and Stephen’s approach - down to earth, honest and friendly. Exactly the kind of people we like to work with.