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Spotlight: David Lindsay Photography

30 MAR
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The brightfive Graphics Team have had the pleasure of working alongside photographer David Lindsay at numerous events over the years.

We’ve always been impressed with his beautiful pictures, professional demeanor and the fact that he’s generally a lovely chap. So, when we needed some new photography for our website launch, we gave him a call.

We hope you agree, he did a great job (it’s a pretty rare thing to get a picture of Katie with her eyes open, of Sophie not looking terrified or of Simon actually smiling - so to get a shot with all of these at once is a near miracle).

Whilst he was with us, we took the opportunity to ask David to tell us a little bit about his work...

David Lindsay Photography David Lindsay Photography David Lindsay Photography

David Lindsay Photography

I’ve been working professionally as a photographer for 7 years, but have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember.  My granddad was an extremely keen amateur, he lent me my first SLR, an Olympus OM10, and I still use it today.  

In my previous career I worked in finance and I trained as a financial advisor, but made the plunge to go back to college when I was 25, and studied photography at Leeds College of Art.

Most of my work is for Marketing and PR; press shots, portraits, pictures for websites and brochures.   I also cover events, conferences and I make films, too.  My personal work is very documentary based – people and places captured at a particular point in time.

My favourite thing to photograph is people.  Having your picture taken is quite intimidating. You can’t just come in guns blazing; you have to chat to them, help them relax. You really have to be a people person to do this job.

Working with artists is always interesting, and a challenge!  I went to Iceland in February 2014 to work with the artists  Richard Wheater and Magdalena Jetelova.  I took pictures of their neon artworks in front of the Northern Lights and near the Blue Lagoon, which was incredible!  Richard and I have been collaborating for eight years now, after 10 years we’re planning to make a book of all the projects we’ve worked on together.

You can find more examples of David’s work as well as contact information at