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Social Nation: UK named the world’s most social media savvy country

Social Media Infographic

Last week Offerpop published an infographic which declared that the UK is the most social media savvy country in the world. We have the highest proportion of social media users at 52%, the most social media related jobs outside of the US and our brands and celebrities are among the most liked and followed accounts in existence (Adele, Stephen Fry, Cadbury’s, Rockstar Games, The Royal Family, need I go on?).

So, what makes the UK so ‘social’? Perhaps it’s down to our nation’s great literary heritage. As the cultural descendants of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, the Brontes and JK Rowling are we innately drawn to social media as a means of storytelling?

Is it a symptom of the urban isolation suffered by British city dwellers? Working long hours, interacting only with computer screens all day, have we lost the ability to communicate in any other way? (Yes, I am being silly here, but this is a theory quite seriously put forward in a number of fear-fuelled articles such as this

Or maybe it’s more to do with how much dead time the average Briton endures riding public transport/queuing politely in coffee shops, coupled with generally pretty good 3G coverage.

Whatever the reason (and your theories are most welcome, they’re probably stronger than mine) the UK is truly a ‘social’ nation with many of us checking our multiple accounts several times a day as a matter of course. It has become an important tool for business, a key aspect of our social lives, a very useful networking space and arguably the most efficient way to source the best and most up to date cat memes the internet has to offer.

Take a look at the infographic here: