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Facebook News: Verify your Local Business Page now!

23 OCT
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Verified Pages have been around on Facebook for quite a while now. Ever notice that little tick symbol next to someone’s name?

No? Well here it is, as modelled very handsomely by the very handsome Joseph Gordon Levitt (any excuse)...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Facebook

Until now, the verified pages had just been for the likes of big brands and public figures like JGL. But here comes the good news. As of 6th October, Facebook began to roll out Page Verification to local businesses, too.

Why verify my page?

You should, in my humble opinion, most definitely verify your page, for three reasons…

  1. It’s really easy and will take you about 2 minutes. No fuss, no muss.

  2. It will boost your visibility across Facebook searches, helping drive traffic to your page

  3. It tells customers your page is authentic and can be trusted.

Now, this last point is particularly important. That little tick is fast becoming a mark of quality. If you want to follow a celeb on Twitter, you’re not going to follow the account without the nice little blue tick, are you? (‘Of course not’ is the answer). As verification rolls out across SMEs, people are going to start instinctively looking for it, as a signal of trustworthiness and professionalism.

It is also a very handy means of distinguishing your official page from any pesky duplicate or dormant pages you may have kicking about. Unwanted duplicate accounts are a common problem for small businesses. Pages created many moons ago, with now redundant (or forgotten) login credentials, which Facebook won’t allow you to remove. For anyone stuck with duplicate business pages, this is great news. Although this won’t get rid of the old page, it will help those searching for you to distinguish them from the official, verified page. Plus, by boosting your verified page’s visibility, your old, unwanted pages will be buried further and further down the Search listings.

Do I qualify?

This feature is currently available to Local Businesses based in a single location (as listed on your Facebook page). Qualifying countries (so far) are the UK, USA, Canada,  Australia and New Zealand.

As I said before, this is a roll out. So if this doesn’t apply to your page now, keep your eyes peeled for further updates.

How do I verify my local business page?

Easy peasy…

Go to your Local Business Page

Click ‘Settings’ (over on the top right-hand side)

In ‘General’ click ‘Page Verification’

Follow the instructions, using the page’s listed business number to get your verification code. Enter the code and submit.

That’s it; you’re verified! Now you should see a reassuring little tick next to your business’ name.

brightfive facebook

So there you have it. Verifying your page couldn’t be easier and will help improve your business’ image and visibility on Facebook. Verification - tick!