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brightfive launches new site for Dave Whyte Animation

23 JUN

Every now and then, you get a job that is challenging and rewarding in equal measure. These often prove to be the most satisfying projects - not only are you meeting the needs of the client but you get to enjoy some really great content too.

Dave Whyte Animation is a site we built to showcase the work of the very talented Dave Whyte. Dave creates fantastic animations and graphic props for TV shows. His work has included the seminal series Monkey Dust, Viz comic and a whole host of primetime comedy shows including The IT Crowd, Peep Show, Bo Selecta, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Harry and Paul, Room 101 and 10 O’clock Live.


2010 saw Dave nominated for a BAFTA (Breakthrought Talent) for his work on Pete vs Life. The Channel 4 show features Rafe Spall navigating life’s daily challenges, accompanied with Sky Sports style commentary and graphics. The nomination also led to Dave being featured in the subsequent BAFTA Brits To Watch event.

Whilst we needed to incorporate Dave’s unique design and vision, we also wanted to make the site easily editable by Dave himself - allowing him to publish projects, resources and news.

As a result the site has a distinct look and feel, very much suited to its content, yet is built on brightfive’s flexible content management system (CMS) allowing Dave to make all the changes he needs. The design also contains some subtle animation touches we felt appropriate given the nature of Dave’s work.

Go and have a look. My personal favourite is the Harry & Paul sketch 'On The Tardises' featuring a 1970’s era planet populated by the likes of Stan and Blakey.