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Brightfive Supports York Mind

work hard and be nice to people

brightfive are very happy to announce that we are now an official supporter of local charity, York Mind

As you may know, the brightfive mantra is ‘work hard and be nice to people’. Earlier in the year, we discussed ways to make sure we were really realising this. We have been regular lenders through Kiva for a number of years now - helping people internationally with poverty alleviating, interest free loans - but now we wanted to help people a little closer to home too.

We asked our followers on social media to tell us about their favourite local charities and received plenty of suggestions. It was a tough decision, with so many worthy causes in need of support, but after plenty of research and deliberation we selected York Mind.

About York Mind

York Mind provide high quality mental health services to York and surrounding areas. Although affiliated with the national Mind charity, York Mind is completely independently run and funded, and so relies on the support of local businesses and individuals.

York Mind Logo

York Mind’s services include therapeutic activities, self help and support groups, information and advice, practical support, advocacy and counselling, as well as working to raise awareness and fight stigma surrounding mental illness. The aim of all their work is to aid those suffering from any kind of mental ill health to progress towards recovery and help them to overcome obstacles to social inclusion, learning and employment.

Why York Mind?

We had 3 criteria for our chosen charity:

  1. They had to be local
  2. We wanted a charity we could really get involved in. Where we could offer our time and skills, as well as helping to raise funds
  3. We wanted to back a cause that meant something to us, which we could really get behind

York Mind ticked all the boxes. Their services are available to anyone living within reasonable travelling distance from York and, as we said, they’re independently funded and run.

As for getting involved, York Mind offer a tremendous amount of support, engagement and practical help to their supporters, allowing plenty of varied opportunities for us to help.

Finally, as mental illness affects 1 in 4 people every year and with rates of mental illness on the rise,  this is an issue that strikes close to home. If you’re fortunate enough not to have experienced it yourself, you will know someone who is directly affected by mental illness. Mental illness can affect anyone, yet it is still surrounded by a great deal of stigma and does not receive the funding afforded to physical illnesses. For these reasons we felt this was an important cause to support.

Getting Involved

After we’d decided on York Mind as our chosen charity, I got in touch with their Community Fundraiser, Holly, to find out just how we go about this. Holly came to the office on Tuesday to explain a little more about the charity and the ways brightfive could get involved.

York Mind offer really flexible support to their community partners, with Holly on hand to help organise events, suggest ideas, publicise and offer practical support for fundraising activities.

Supporters can take part in York Mind events as well as managing their own projects. We’ve got plenty of fundraising ideas for the months ahead and are looking forward to getting stuck in at some York Mind events in the near future.  Keep an eye on our blog for more charity news soon.

York Mind is a registered charity no 1006759. For more information about the work they do and how you or your company can get involved, visit, find them on or Twitter @TheYorkMind.