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Autumn Update

15 NOV
Busy Graphics Team

To say the Events team has been busy this Autumn seems an understatement. We’ve been multi-tasking like champions, nimbly leaping from task to task, event to event, with catlike prowess. We’ve been firing on all cylinders, burning the midnight oil, we’ve been working pretty flipping hard really.

What with juggling multiple projects simultaneously and spending hours in planes, trains and automobiles we haven’t had much time to blog as we go, so here’s a brief roundup of what the we’ve been up to.

Christmas comes early

Christmas is a crucial time for retail. So, it’s important to get in there nice and early to set targets, share information and motivate teams for the peak selling period. October saw brightfive working at two rather different festive events for Whitbread Restaurants and Costa.

Whitbread Restaurants’ - Brewers Fayre, Beefeater, Table Table and Taybarns - are spread all over the UK. So, instead of gathering managers from all these sites in one place, the event came to them. Over three weeks the team from Whitbread and Roebuck Productions journeyed from Southampton to Glasgow (bringing several Christmas trees, a 10ft snowman and Santa Claus along for the ride) to meet Restaurant Managers across the country. This was my first time flying solo on an event, managing content and operating graphics. Pretty scary, but being supported by a brilliant team and working for a lovely client was a huge help and I’m relieved to say the roadshow was a success.

Costa Boy

Costa Coffee’s Christmas Conference, held this year at the Telford International Centre, is large event that welcomes Store Managers from across the UK. Costa are always keen to spread the festive cheer, and this year was no exception, with a fully themed event with fake snow, music and set, with key messages presented within light-hearted (and fully costumed) theatrical performances.

brightfive were tasked by Roebuck Productions to design the festive presentations, set elements and signage. Si was onsite, operating graphics and enduring Christmas songs on repeat.


Cannes legs

A spot of winter sun

I, along with Katie and Tom, was lucky enough to spend a few days in beautiful Cannes for Microsoft’s European Partners’ Summit. After thinking non-stop about Christmas for several weeks, it was a bit confusing to find ourselves blinking in the dazzling sunshine and sweltering in our show blacks.

Over three days, Microsoft welcomed over 500 of their partners and staff to the iconic Hotel Martinez. Working with PMA Communications, this marked brightfive’s 7th year at the event, managing content and operating graphics for over twenty keynote speeches and breakout sessions.

After a busy few days we were thrilled to find a spare couple of hours before catching the plane home to enjoy an alfresco lunch, a sit on the beach and even a quick paddle. Well, when in Cannes…

Barista of the Year

Champion of champions

Back on UK soil and it was straight to work at another event for Costa Coffee and Roebuck Productions - this time the Champion of Champions World Final of the Barista of the Year Awards. brightfive produced an exhibition area which informed the guests about the contestants, the coffee journey and the three vital qualities needed to be a top Barista - Pride, Passion & Personality. We also worked with Blue-i Event Technology to bring together our PowerPoint slides and their live camera shots into one seamless Encore screen.

Katie travelled to the Vinopolis in London to operate graphics as the best Baristas from around the world battled it out for the coveted title.

In the Freezer Cabinet

With the beginning of November came Iceland’s Supplier Conference for Cascade Productions. Some last minute slide edits the evening before the rehearsal day meant Katie was working at home in front of the telly whilst watching the BBC documentary ‘Iceland: Life In The Freezer Cabinet’. It was very strange to then be in a boardroom with the stars only 12 hours later. We can report that Malcolm and the Iceland team are just as down-to-earth, warm and easy to work with as they we portrayed on the show, and that this annual project was a pleasure as always.

Keeping it local

It’s pretty unusual for us to get an event right on our doorstep, but this month we’ve enjoyed the convenience of two jobs for local client East Coast.

Si was able to saunter a mere mile and half from his front door to York’s City Screen cinema for the East Coast Innovation Conference. Around 400 hundred managers from across the business came together for a day which focussed on innovation - how East Coast has rebuilt its brand through innovative practises and how they will continue to foster new ideas to succeed in the future. This included exclusive ‘screenings’ of East Coast’s new ad campaign and clips from the Sky 1 series ‘All Aboard East Coast Trains’.

There’s a certain geeky joy to be found in seeing your graphics on a massive screen and Si assures me that projecting on to a cinema screen is particularly exciting.

East Coast Loyalty 2013

I had an even shorter trip yesterday to York Racecourse (mere metres from my house) for East Coast’s Loyalty Awards Dinner. This annual event recognises the incredible dedication of the rail line’s staff, thanking those from across the business who have clocked up between 25 and, in the case of one employee, 47 years of loyal service. Working with Production Values, we designed and operated the Keynote presentation for this very special event (and were treated to what was probably the best crew dinner of the year - thanks chaps!).

So yes, we’ve been pretty busy lately, and with events for Audi and British Gas next week we’re hardly twiddling our thumbs.

It’s great to be busy, you don’t get into live events unless you’re a bit of an adrenaline fan, but we are looking forward to a more relaxed pace in the lead up to Christmas. Oh, and let’s not forget the holidays, we’ve definitely earned a little eating, drinking and merriment this year.